I created Split Arrow as an extension of my passion for servant leadership. I am motivated by human potential and the ever expanding possibilities to build a better world through individual and community-based solutions. I believe in human service organizations and in their power to transform lives and create meaningful change in their communities.

I have worked in and with nonprofits and IDD service organizations my entire professional career from direct operations and case management to executive leadership and everything in between. I am proficient in human and organization development practices and hold a Master of Education in Organizational Change and Performance Management from Colorado State University. Most importantly, I share your passion for the work you do, understand the challenges you face, and have walked the road you are traveling.

Let's talk! I would love to schedule a time to meet and learn more about your organization and together explore the benefits of a consulting relationship. Our expertise in capacity building, performance management and leadership development is ready to be unleashed to serve your organization's growth and development. All of our services are tailored to your specifications and are designed with the overall goal of increasing the capacity of your organization to thrive and succeed.


My name is Richard Trebus. I am the founder of Split Arrow Consulting. Split Arrow Consulting is dedicated to supporting the development of nonprofit and IDD (intellectual and developmental disabilities) service organizations. Our mission is to assist organizations to create a sustainable future through capacity building. Our goal is to provide targeted, accurate, and efficient solutions to meet your needs.